Passive Income refers to passively making money, generally with an initial investment. I've had/still have all kinds of jobs that have been very hard labour. Once I heard of Passive Income I started researching how to make the money I've already earned grow. This site is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions!

Passive Income


Cryptocurrency is a currency, which is cryptographed and in a transparent blockchain. It can swiftly be traded all over the world without regulations and with full anonymity, if desired. Cryptocurrency fluxuates in value according to good ol' supply and demand. It has gained vast popularity in recent years and is a great way to achieve passive income by mining it, trading it, or by simply holding on to it (at the moment). More on Cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin (BTC) is the most established and popular cryptocurrency. Nowadays there's even a growing number of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a currency. More on Bitcoin.


Altcoin is a term that fuses the words "alternative" and "coin". It refers to all cryptocurrencies that are alternatives to Bitcoin. Right now, the most popular ones are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. A good website to check on the current cryptocurrency prices is


To start you will need a digital wallet and a platform where you can purchase cryptocurrency. I recommend the anonymous Exodus wallet for your computer/laptop. I recommend this one, because you can trade altcoins within the wallet's interace, it gets updated regularly and because of its great support. There's several other wallets and wallet types, as well. For more information on the different wallets available you can check out 99Bitcoins.



To start I would recommend Coinbase, it is the website, that has established itslef as the leading legit and secure platform. Every account has an incorporated wallet, so if you will be starting out you will not need a wallet. Coinbase also operates a trading website called GDAX which I recommend once you have understood the basics of cryptocurrencies and Coinbase. Transfering funds back and forth between GDAX and Coinbase is free of charge (!).


Join Coinbase here


In this section I will introduce you to the companies I have invested in. I diversified my investment to several companies to minimize risk. These companies guarantee a passive income that depends on the size of your investment, the higher the investment, the higher the passive income. These platforms (except Genesis Mining) use your investment to trade in different markets and share that revenue with you. All of these websites also have a referral program which will give you diffeent kinds of bonuses when you successfully refer them to friends and family.

Genesis Mining

This company lets you rent mining hardware in case you don't want to deal with the costs (electricity bills, hardware, etc.) of setting it up yourself. All the Bitcoin mining capacity you rent will be lifelong (!). Mining difficulty does gradually increase, so be aware of that. Here is a video I made explaining the website.

Join Genesis Mining here

Once you register, you can use my code "OBgGHE" to get a discount. Email me (link at top right corner) when you do and I will return the favor using your code!

and remember

If you decide to invest anywhere, be aware of that there is always some degree of risk involved. Never invest more than you are willing to potentially lose! Much success to everyone, and I hope we can all gather some funds to make our dreams come true!!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Hopefully it helped you understand the world of cryptocurrency a bit better. Here's my BTC address ⁠⁠⁠1KAa697125gZscu5ivLxyDjBJovTsPh9kG in case you'd like to support me or thank me with some funds.